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Why did we disappear for a while?

February 28, 2013

Hello long lost friends!  We want to share our experience with our customers and readers for you to understand what happened at Crave over the past year (and why we sort of disappeared!).  Enough time has gone by now and we can actually talk about what we went through, and what’s ahead for us.

Some of you may know (especially if you read the previous blog post) that we decided to sue a company called Crave Foods that began selling gluten-free products.  We first heard about this company in Fall 2011, because they started selling their GF products on the West Coast.  There was a lot of confusion for consumers and retailers, which makes sense. Two companies called Crave in the same small food community is just plain puzzling.  We received phone calls and emails, all of them trying to figure out if we were affiliated.

We have been building the Crave brand since 2003the first gluten-free bakery in San Francisco.  We were really proud to be pioneers in this movement, which is why we’d invested so much of our blood, sweat, tears and brown rice flour!  While we were somewhat flattered other people feel that Crave was a great name for a gluten-free business, we knew it was extremely important to protect the name and reputation we built.  The name Crave had become known as a gluten-free institution because of our hard work, length of time in business, our commitment to the GF cause, community and our ingredient and product quality.

So, in the end, when we couldn’t come to an agreement to resolve public misperceptions, we sued Crave Foods last year.  We didn’t go all the way to trial though, and were able to come to an agreement before that happened.  (This is all public knowledge so we’re not disclosing anything confidential here.)  Strangely enough, we’ve found other companies have started gluten-free businesses with the word Crave in their name.

As a result of all of the above, we have had to turn our attention and resources protecting our brand and will continue to do so.  We stopped production last year and focused on getting through it.

The good news is… well… you will have to wait a little longer for the good news.  But we do have some exciting news for you.  The last year was pretty yucky, to say the least, but this next project is really positive and an awesome way for Crave to forge ahead.

Thanks for listening as this blog post was meant to be sharing, informative but also cathartic for us!

Crave Gluten Free DreamCups

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