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Gluten Free Baking Tip of the Day – Finely Milled Flours

May 7, 2013

Daily tips for your gluten-free baking adventure!

Today’s Tip:

  • Finer grained flours work the best for gluten-free baking. Not all flours are created equal. The finer the grain is milled, the better the final baking result. One of the nicest gluten-free flour brands we’ve found (that is available to consumers) is Authentic Foods Superfine line. Try their Sweet Rice Flour or Brown Rice FlourOr you can easily do your own test on your flour. Rub the flour between your fingers and even put it on your tongue. If you feel a smooth texture, that means it has a fine grain. If you feel a gritty texture, it has a larger grain and the end result will be a grainier dessert. The reason we choose a fine grain – we want to mimic wheat in our gluten-free baking which also has a fine grain. 

Crave Bakery Gluten Free Baking Tips Authentic Foods Sweet Rice Flour

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