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Gluten free book review: Crave bakery gluten free cookbook

June 19, 2013

Thanks to The Gluten Free Chef for his review of our new Crave Bakery Gluten Free Cookbook! He is extremely thorough! He will also be making a recipe from our book in his next blog post.

Check out The Gluten Free Chef blog for great GF recipes!

bookI first learned about Cameo Edwards, CEO and Head Baker of Crave Bakery in San Francisco from a personal message on Twitter. Fast forward to today and I feel like we were separated at birth. Her story of overcoming the challenges of being gluten intolerant, taking a chance, and opening up a bakery on a wing, hope, and a prayer directly mirrors my experiences over the last few years. It is truly uncanny how much we both have in common; down to the fact that I am wrapping up my first soon to be released cookbook. Crave Gluten Free Cookbook is also her first ever cookbook; written to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her Crave Bakery.

After a few technical glitches and a lot of impatience (on my end) I eagerly began to consume this e-book that I had been craving for (pun intended) since interacting with Cameo. From…

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