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It’s Here! Crave Bakery Cookbook in Print

November 6, 2013

First came our iPad cookbook, then Kindle. And because so many of you asked for it, we decided it was time to offer a print version for those who prefer to hold a physical book in their rice flour covered hands! The same recipes are available in the print book as the e-books with the addition of a handy index. Lots of photos accompany the recipes so you can see the end results.

Cameo Edwards Crave Bakery Gluten Free Cookbook

Praise for Crave Bakery’s Cookbook


We’ve gotten so many lovely reviews since the release of our initial e-book in May. The following are some compliments we’ve receive for our recipes and book:

“I loved the way Cameo organized her cookbook and recipes; it makes it super easy for readers to follow. The (Pink Velvet) cupcakes and the frosting turned out perfect, very moist and tasty.”

Ivy Lau, Ivy’s Garden


“The Crave cookbook is a must have for anyone who suffers or cares for someone with food allergies or gluten intolerance. The recipes are perfect for holidays, celebrations, rainy weekends, or just because. Broken down into chapters, (Cameo’s) baked goods recipes are neatly organized by levels of experience, and the pictures are scrumptious. Excluded allergens are listed clearly atop each recipe. She also adds thoughtful tips throughout the book (as well in the beginning) to help you with your baking and organization.”

Meredith Rosenblum, Plate It Safe


“With this book, it’s a snap to whip up batch after yummy batch of gluten- and dairy-free cakes, cupcakes, frostings, fillings, brownies, cookies, tarts and muffins!”

Gigi Stewart, Gluten Free Gigi


 Beyond recipes, this book also includes helpful information such as:

– Wheat Flour Substitute Recipe
– Recipes organized by difficulty
– Clear allergen statements for each recipe
– Recommended Gluten Free Ingredients
– Gluten Free Baking Tips
– Decorating Tips

Printed in the USA. Get it here!

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